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EFT & Serious Illness

If you need help with a serious illness & EFT please view here.

If you are a Practitioner and wish to work more with serious illness then this is the place for you. If you want to feel confident and skilled in your EFT work with serious illness then Marie can offer a program to suit you. Marie Holliday is an EFT Master Trainer of Trainers with EFT International Association and specialises in serious illness.

Marie had a brain haemorrhage many years ago and was left in a debilitated condition and unable to work...that is until she was introduced to EFT where she recovered herself with tapping in 2 days! This took her on a learning/studying/practicing EFT journey, originally with Gary Craigs program.She has never stopped using EFT.

Over years as an Advanced Practitioner, she discovered her own techniques and simple ways to work with serious illnesses which she often shares with her own students and on mentoring sessions.

This is not a requirement of EFT International association and is to aid your professional development where you can also gain CPDs towards annual requirements. The course is online by Skype or Zoom

Practitioners must be Level 2 and/or above to qualify for this course.  There are 2 levels, Foundational and Advanced.

This is a 7.30 hours training program divided into: 

  • 3 sessions x 2 hours
  • 1 session 1hr.30 mins

Foundational Level:

Session 1. 2 hours

  • Where to start?
  • Am I experienced enough?
  • How to approach the clients illness with a Methodology
  • Discuss with diagrams on the Physical side of Serious Illness
  • Discuss with diagrams on the Psychological side of Serious Illness
  • Manageable 'bits'
  • Mind Mapping 
  • Involve your client
  • Examples of serious illness with this methodology

Session 2. 2 hours

  • Review of first session with example of serious illness again
  • The secrets of getting to a Core Issue & serious illness
  • How to gently introduce Questioning Techniques & Skills
  • Making questioning techniques effective
  • When to tap & what to tap with?
  • What techniques are useful when working with serious illness?
  • Introducing Maries 'CASTaway Technique'

Session 3. 2 hours

  • Review of second session
  • Introducing Collar Bone Breathing for respiratory illnesses
  • When can you introduce positive tapping?
  • Is humour appropriate?
  • Introducing 'positivity' into tapping with serious illness
  • Creating positive affirmations for serious illness
  • Discussion and review of Palace of Possibilities in enabling positive statements
  • Cognitive shifts

Session 4. 1.30 hour

  • Review of third session
  • Bring your questions
  • Bring your case studies
  • Certification of Attendance  
  • CPD Certification 

There 2 levels to complete this course:

1.) Foundational Level

  • Complete above course
  • Worth 8 hours CPD
  • Certificate of Attendance at Foundational level

2.) Advanced Level

  • Complete above Foundational Level PLUS:-
  • 4 x Written Case studies with guidelines ...6 hours based on 1.30 hour each = 6 hours
  • Multi Choice Test ... 1 hour
  • Worth 15 hours CPD
  • Certificate of Attendance at Advanced Level
  • Feedback comments, assessment and marking on above...

Complimentary Resources:

  • Questioning Techniques & Skills Book
  • Serious Illness Diagram Guides
  • CASTaway Techniques
  • Course handouts
  • Palace of Possibilities Aid (use for any client)
  • Eliminate with EFT Aid (use for any client)


There are two options:-

1.) Foundational Level. Complete all 8 hours without a Multi Choice Test & 4 x Case studies .... £235.00

2.) Certified Level. Complete all 8 hours with a Multi Choice Test & 4 Case studies marking & assessment/feedback by return ...£350.00



1.) Certificate of Attendance Foundational level

2.) Certificate of Attendance Advanced level


1.) Foundational Level Serious Illness

  • 7.30 hours Course
  • .30 mins emails/communication

Total: 8 hours CPD Certificate

2.) Certified Level Serious Illness

  • 7.30 hours Course
  • .30 mins emails/communication
  • 1.00 hour multi choice test
  • 6.00 hours 4 x case studies based on 1.30 hour each

Total: 15 hours CPD Certificate