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EFTSpainSHOP Luanch!

Hi everyone and welcome to my new EFTSpainSHOP site launch! I have revamped the existing website and brought everything under one roof ie: my own shop.

For as long as I can remember, I had EFT for Animals on one website, EFT training on another website, conferences on 2 websites, EFT mentoring on a website and business coaching on another plus courses and ebooks dotted around all over the place! Then I also had many products and services on this EFTSpainSHOP site but it was looking very dated, very tired and needed refreshing.

So in honesty, it eventually made sense for to me to showcase my services and products under one roof for ease for my clients..and myself and re create my old website into a more vibrant site where clients can navigate much easier.

I also had services even I had forgotten about such as Gift Voucher Service, personalised gifts, ebooks, a wealth of EFT related services, animal services and products and free resources.

I hope you spend time browsing through everything which literally is my life's work and my passion rolled up into one site and please feel free to bookmark to favourite and come back when new products, courses etc are added. 

If you would like any information please do contact me here.

Thanks for reading!

Marie x


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