'Tap & Shop for Everything including Animals'

Personalised Gifts

Would you like to send a personalised gift to someone?

This is a great idea for someone who loves EFT/tapping!

Here are just a few simple ideas:

  • Someone who is learning tapping
  • Someone who loves animals
  • A child who is learning tapping or parents who want their child to learn it and can encourage them.
  • You can have a photo of a child and their pet or toy bear etc
  • Learning to tap with animals-have a photo with simple points of their animal companion
  • A reminder gift for someone who forgets to tap!

Requirements are simple:

  • A high quality photo
  • Name(s) adding if you wish
  • A border frame in colour of your choice if you wish
  • Any other information

There so many ideas and different ways you can use this even for images.

Prices start at £25.00 for one image/person/animal and £45.00 for two.

If you have more complicated or different ideas as their are so many ways you can personalise as gifts or for your own use then please contact me for a quote.

If you would like an image or photograph personalising with names, EFT tapping points as a unique gift then simply Contact me here.