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Website & Facebook Design

Marie has created many of her own websites completely from scratch and had absolutely no knowledge of 'how to' many years ago.

So being self-taught, Marie can relate to her clients comments directly which has helped her learn what works and what doesn't.

The main point to consider is you cannot start a business nowadays without a website and often social media.

Any website is better than none!

Your website:

  • Importantly and firstly, a website represents YOU
  • Your website is You!
  • If a customer doesn't relate to your website, they will vote with their feet and leave your site
  • Your website is You and You are your website-its the first contact made generally
  • Offers a service, information and/or product(s) for sale
  • Informs what you do/buy, clearly & simply
  • User friendly
  • Creates an area where people feel comfortable and enjoy being there
  • Can browse easily
  • Contact forms, buttons, links all function
  • Gives confidence that the website owner is professional

How can Marie help?

  • Develop & design your website from scratch
  • Hand it back to you, so you control it
  • Help choose your theme, pages, design etc

Social Media is equally important nowadays, Marie can help with Facebook, Instagram, Linked in:

  • Name, layout, community page building, business page
  • Creation/design
  • Admin side
  • How to use/compliment your business
  • Offer ideas

Marie can also help with Business Cards and creation, leaflets and full marketing ideas etc

You and your business or not for profit are unique and Marie can help you where you need, so flexibility is key. Contact Marie at no obligation to discuss your needs and receive a quote at affordable prices. Feel free to connect with Marie here initially.

Please visit some of the websites and social media Marie has developed on the links at the side.