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Animal Energy World Techniques ebook £6.95

There is a fully illustrated ebook 'Animal Energy World Techniques' with Marie Holliday's own photographs and her animals and insect studies taken

over many years of working with animals and EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or 'Tapping' as it's commonly known.

It's an informative book, encouraging you to help animals, not just your own animal companions but wildlife and insects all around you in

your everyday life. And its very useful guide as an introduction to using Emotional Freedom Techniques with animals.

You can purchase it here at only £6.95

NB: You can also download a FREE 'Tapping Aid for Surrogate' work with animals here.

You can join a day workshop on EFT with Animals here.

EFT & Questioning Skills ebook £6.95

This is one of the most useful EFT guides you will buy! As a Master Trainer of Trainers, Marie constantly hears the same issues with her students and mentees..'what do I ask?', 'how do I ask?', 'how do I get to the core issue?', 'how do i get to the root of the issue?' etc.

The Questions a Practitioner asks, how they ask them, what type of question and how to use Questioning Skills and Listening Skills to enhance and progress your practice. Marie believes its the main key to success with a client and whilst it may take years to become proficient in this very skilled area, this informative ebook will offer you many skills and ways you can become more effective in your practice.

A Bonus resource within the book is a '100 Top Tip Questions' that you can use, try out or adapt to help you on your way.

Illustrated charts included at only £6.95 is a great EFT resource.

Buy both EBooks for only £10.00!

Buy both Ebooks, The Heart of EFT Questioning Skills Study EFT Guide & a basic illustrated introduction to EFT with Animals, both for people with knowledge of EFT, at only £10.00 ! Save £3.90






Illustrated ebook Only £ 6.95



EFT Questioning Skills 

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Including 100 Top Tip Questions





Heart of EFT


EFT & Animals

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