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References to AAMET International are now EFT International (EFTi)

Annual Mentoring is required from all EFTi members at all levels to maintain your professional status. Marie Holliday is a Master Trainer of Trainers with a wealth of experience in training and mentoring. You can join Marie for a friendly yet professional mentoring session with follow up documents/advice/tips etc where needed. If you need full information, then please download Marie's Mentoring Brochure here.

Her sessions are currently once a month on Thursday evening CET (Madrid time 1+ UK) however is willing to look at other dates/times if there are at least two people. Marie attracts multi-national attendees from UK, US, India, Brazil, France amongst just a few countries.

Required 6 hours annual mentoring to maintain professional status.

Sessions are by:

Group (Skype, no more than 8)

Individual 1 to1 for 1 hour, 1 hour 30 minutes or 2 hours

Combined group & individual

'Catch up' if behind with annual mentoring to maintain your status

Personalised if you need for example over 2 hours. Contact Marie for availability often at short notice & fee.

Please contact Marie if you need any help or advice here particularly if you need to 'catch up quickly' with your mentoring which may have lapsed.

All sessions are flexible to help you, a range of sessions and affordable fees below:

1) Group Session (90 minutes) 

  • One Session x 90 minutes ...... £35.00
  • Four Sessions x 90 minutes each (equivalent to 6 hours annual mentoring) ...... £125.00
Group Mentoring


2) Individual 1 to 1 Session (90 minutes)

  • One Session x 90 minutes ......£47.00
  • Four Sessions x 90 minutes each (equivalent to 6 hours annual mentoring) ...... £175.00
Individual Mentoring


3) Combined Group 90 minutes & Individual 1 to 1 (All Sessions 90 minutes)

  • Two Individual 1 to 1 Sessions x 90 minutes each and Two Group Sessions x 90 minutes each (equivalent to 6 hours annual mentoring) ...... £ 150.00
Combined Mentoring


​4) 'Catch-up' if you have been unable to keep up with mentoring due to many reasons and don't want to lose your practitioner status, Marie will endeavour to help complete your 6 hours at short notice. You can work together to program your hours in. If a full years mentoring of 6 hours ..... £200.00 NB: Contact Marie first for availability, here. 

Catch up Mentoring


5) Personalised if you have for example 2 hours mentoring you need then contact Marie for availability and fee.

Marie's Mentoring Brochure is available to download here. 

Pay safely by Pay Pal and if you prefer UK Bank Transfer please contact Marie here ,or with any other enquiry that she can help with.