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EFT Sessions

Marie Holliday is an EFT Master Trainer of Trainers with EFT International Association and Advanced EFT Practitioner for over 16 years with a wealth of experience working with most types of illness, anxiety, fears/phobias, pain management including specialising with serious illness and with animals.

Marie has worked numerous years with EFT and serious illness and understands fully the stress, anxiety, distress and affect on work, family, relationships and importantly your own self esteem and self confidence that a serious illness or issue can have on your life.

Marie understands the full impact of illness, anxiety etc having had ME 12 years and a brain haemorrhage which she recovered from with tapping.

This was Marie's introduction to EFT.

Marie works via Zoom internationally due to the efficacy of EFT and her skills in helping you. 

It is not essential to be together in person which leads to many advantages for you:

  • You can have a session from the comfort & privacy of your own home
  • You can even be on holiday or at work 
  • Tailored to meet your time zone
  • Privacy in your own environment
  • Complete confidentiality is assured

Pre session:

  • Marie will ask you to send an email with as much or as little detail as you wish on your presenting issue and complete confidence is assured. This saves your time when we meet.
  • Marie will send you a very simple Tapping Diagram with the EFT acupoints
  • NB: there is absolutely no problem if you have never used EFT or tapping as its known, Marie will demonstrate the points with you and ensure you feel comfortable and confident with them
  • Sign a Client Disclaimer and return to Marie

During the session:

  • The time is used as you the client wishes with Maries' guidance
  • It is held under the strictest confidence as are any notes taken during the session
  • Marie will ensure you are at ease and feel comfortable with tapping
  • Ensure you have a quiet area with no interruptions eg: switch mobile off
  • Marie will tap and 'lead' the way with you

After the session:

  • Discuss what if any is required as follow up?
  • You may want to tap in between or following a session and Marie will guide you with this
  • You may wish to make a follow up appointment

Sessions can be booked on block or individually.

  • Individual sessions are £75.00 ..... 1.30 hrs
  • Two sessions are £135.00 ............. 3.00 hrs
  • Three sessions are £190.00........... 4.30 hrs
  • Four sessions are £240.00 ............6.00 hrs
  • VIP Sessions are £450.00 ........12 hours per annum. Use the time as you wish with mutual appointments for example an hour per month


Business Coaching Options

FREE TAPPING GUIDE can be found here from EFT International association